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Some people might call bitmark a uncompromisingly content- and mobile-first standard for digital, interactive textbooks.

More technically speaking, bitmark is an umbrella term for the bitmark REST API, the bitmark JSON data model and the bitmark markup language].

bitmark was born out of the need to digitize language textbooks. Its primary focus is to describe learning material. bitmark therefore is highly specialized in static and interactive learning content like quizzes.

bitmark is strictly content-first, which means, you have one common data base of all digital assets for mobile, tablet and Web apps. Or, as our marketing guys would say, produce once, publish everywhere.

The graphical representation of learning content is very individual. Therefore, bitmark does not contain any visual information. It is strictly following the well-established paradigm of MVC, where model (data model), view (visual representation) and logic is strictly separated.

E-books in bitmark format are sometimes referred to as "bitbooks".

Get Started with bitmark markup language

bitmark markup language is used to describe interactive, content-first learning material. It is mainly used in the process of digitizing existing learning material (pdf, html, xml and EPUB, InDesign, legacy publishing systems, CMS's, proprietary LMS format, QTI, ... or even paper) and in the workflow of creating new digital, mobile text books.

But let's stop talking and have a look at a simple example.


[.cloze] The students completed the [_cloze] with the correct verb forms.

The markup above produces the following interactive screen in a mobile app.

bitmark example 1

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Get Started with the bitmark REST API

Get Started with the bitmark JSON Data Model

Want to know more about the bitmark JSON Data Model...?


  • Content-first, API-first: Produce once, publish everywhere
  • Content is independent of the medium (future-friendly)
    • Content is independent of its visual representation.
    • Publish your content on multiple channels (mobile apps, tablet apps, Web apps, legacy e-learning systems, CMS, ... and even print on paper).
  • Interactive Content
  • bitmark is coming from a pure digital world.
  • One of the big differences to other formats is, that bitmark can describe interactive content like clozes (gap texts), quizzes, exercises, .... Quizzes are defined in a way that they can be used on a mobile phone as well as in a paper-based book.
    • bitmark supports all kinds of interactive quizzes typically used for (language) learning.
  • Mobile-first, Reverse Responsive
  • Content is split ("atomized") into small, meaningful bits suitable for mobile screens (e.g. quiz, exercise, ...) and then grouped together into chapters, units, ... to become a conclusive book.
    • Article-Bits are atomic, self-contained and meta data rich and therefore searchable and shareable (mainly between coach and students).
    • Built with reverse responsive layouts in mind.
    • Content can be interactive.
  • Bot-first
  • Content is defined with Bots in mind. Make your content available to Bots or your personal Bot.
  • Built to Monetize
  • bitmark can be directly published and sold on the Get More Brain Book Store. At a one-time price or a monthly subscription.
  • We care about copyright and licensing.
  • Access Rights
  • Use your bitmark internally, make them available to your licensing partners exclusively or open it to everybody. You are in control.
  • Digitalization Friendly
  • Often, learning material is not created from scratch. A vast amount of existing material needs to be digitized. bitmark is a markup language to support digitalization in an easy, workflow-friendly and productive way. Think of it as a language to describe bitmark JSON objects in a human readable (and in the same time computer readable) form.


Our experienced team can help you digitize your legacy learning material and help produce modern, interactive content for all screens. We are happy to provide you with a range of services from support to full digitalization as a service. Please contact Philippe, our head of key accounts, directly at